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    Drive more traffic to your website and maximize your brand's reach with our affordable ad program. Our eye-catching ad placements on our high-traffic website are a surefire way to attract new customers and increase revenue. You can customize your ad campaign to meet your unique marketing goals and budget. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your business to new heights and stand out in the digital world!


    Where will my ads be placed?

    We offer 2 ads locations: Just below the page header and Just above the page footer.

    What is the duration and pricing of the ad program?

    For the: below the page header

    300 impressions ← 29.99EUR

    2,100 impressions ← 69.99EUR

    10,000 impressions ← 199.99EUR

    For the: above the page footer

    300 impressions ← 19.99EUR

    2,100 impressions ← 59.99EUR

    10,000 impressions ← 179.99EUR

    What if i want to get an AD but another AD is already online?

    No problem! An ad location can contain numerous ADS that rotate in different page visits. For example, when the location below the page header contains two ads, if you refresh the page, the displaying ad will switch to the second one!

    Any specific dimensions?

    We recommend 728x90 but we can test if other dimensions appear well in the website.

    Any specific shop requirements?

    You should have some positive reviews and reputation but even small sellers are welcome! We will be verifying every shop before its AD release.

    What if i get scammed by one of your ads or if I am not satisfied?

    We do NOT offer any guarantee on this matter but we will always do our best to ensure a safe environment for both parties. If a shop gets reported or if we detect suspicious activity, of course it will be immediately removed with the appropriate consequences.

    How can i start?

    You can open a ticket in our Discord or email us at support@ultracheats.net.



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